At Arborjet | Ecologel our mission is to develop the most effective technologies to preserve, protect and ultimately save trees, and save water.

In landscapes, turf, agriculture, and beyond, we have sustainable solutions for your property.

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Arborjet is the Leader in Trunk Injection Technology

The Arborjet Drill, Plug, and Inject method injects or infuses treatments directly into the tree’s vascular system assuring the dose is carried to the target area. Injections are sealed in the tree, providing an effective, sustainable approach in protecting the urban and forest canopy against devastating insects and disease from Pine Bark Beetle, Emerald Ash Borer, to Oak Wilt.

Thanks to our Distributors and Service Providers, we have saved millions of trees using our formulations and equipment.

Ecologel’s Hydretain Technology Reduces Plant Watering Needs by 50% or More

From golf courses, resorts and commercial properties to home lawns and gardens, Hydretain maintains healthier turf and landscapes with less water. A unique and environmentally friendly solution, Hydretain helps plants use soil humidity that would otherwise be unavailable for roots to absorb. By efficiently managing soil moisture, Hydretain treated plants can thrive twice as long between watering.

A Complete Product Line for Landscape Plant Care

As partners in plant care, Arborjet | Ecologel equipment and formulations cover your landscape needs from commercial properties to your own front yard. Our water management, soil enhancement, and organic control products offer a range of unique and impressive results for total landscape care.

Arborjet | Ecologel Blog

Preserving a City’s Canopy One Block at a Time

In 2007, we were asked to support the City of Chicago, Forestry Dept., to develop plans against a new invasive beetle, the Emerald Ash Borer, which has now killed tens of millions of trees across the US and Canada.

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Hydretain for Home Gardens

Long before Hydretain was available in retail garden centers it was being used on home vegetable and flower gardens. After seeing the results on golf courses and commercial turf, superintendents and distributors representatives began to take Hydretain home.

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Keep Houseplants from Drying Out Over Winter

During the winter months your heating system can dry out your houseplants. As warm, dry air lowers the humidity inside your home, plants and soils lose moisture at a faster rate. Hydretain is an easy application to protect your plants from drying out. Hydretain reduces soil moisture loss by attracting soil humidity and condensing it into usable water droplets that plant roots can absorb.

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We continually participate in programs to help save our country’s trees and landscapes.